Tips for Starting a Successful Franchise

One of the biggest misconceptions about starting a franchise business is that there won’t be any more work involved after setting it up. It is true that franchising lets you skip many steps such as market research, product sourcing, production, and other processes that would normally be included when starting a business from scratch. However, for your franchise to succeed, you’d have to be proactive and follow these tried-and-tested tips:

  • Know the Ins and Outs of Your Business – Being given a tested business model is one thing, but running the franchise business is another. You’d have to be hands-on with everything, even if you’re planning to hand over the job to an employee. It’s important that you understand the cash flow that goes in and out.
  • Hire the Best Team – The niche of your franchise is not as important as the team you assemble. Whether you’re selling food, other products or services, the people working for you will either help or hurt your business. Your goal is for your franchise to be up and running in no time and hiring the best employees will help you through the initial phase smoothly.
  • Believe in Your Business – The franchise may not be your original idea, but once you’ve signed the franchise contract, consider the business as your own. You must believe in your brand and persevere no matter what.
  • Maintain Good Standing with Your Franchisor – You can always run the franchise on your own, as long as you follow franchising guidelines set by the franchisor. However, keeping an open line of communication with the franchisor could help you in the future should you encounter business-related problems. Franchisors would be more than happy to help and see you succeed, so use their experience and knowledge to your advantage.
  • Find Fellow Franchisees – Seek out fellow franchisees and ask them for advice when you need them. There’s no shame in asking questions that could help your business advance to the next level. Ask the right questions and implement sound advice you receive.
  • Be 100% Committed – Starting any kind of business requires a special level of commitment. Willingly give your blood, sweat and tears into the franchise. Business owners don’t follow regular 9-to-5 work hours; Expect to work overtime a lot especially in the beginning. If you’re willing to sacrifice your time and money to see your franchise grow, then you will reap great rewards down the road.
  • Have Patience – Franchise businesses will not succeed overnight. They take time, a lot of effort, and money for your franchise to get its footing. Be patient, work hard, dedicate all your free time in perfecting the business model and operation. As long as you do this, success is right around the corner.


Like traditional businesses, franchising takes real, hard work. Following these 7 tips can help you reach your business goals, increase sales, improve aspects of your operation, get you through the ups and downs of running a franchise, and hopefully lead you to become a franchisee success story.

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