Sales Based Franchises

Sales Based Franchises

Sales Based Franchise Opportunities

Find Out How High Performing Sales Professionals Are Currently Building 7 Figure Businesses through Sales-Based Franchises



  • Initial Investment as Low as $19,000
  • 7 Figure Earning Potential for Sales Pros
  • Most Can Operate from Home or Small Office
  • Step by Step Training and Ongoing Support from Company with Vested Interest in Your Success

Over the past two decades, thousands of sales professionals have left their unfulfilling corporate jobs and taken their careers to the next level through little-known and highly profitable sales-based franchises. With a relatively low upfront investment (in most cases under $100,000 all in), these salespeople have invested in a business of their own with direct sales as the core driver of business.

When many think of franchising, they associate it to the major fast food chains such as McDonalds, Subway, KFC, and countless others. What some fail to realize is that this same highly successful business model has been leveraged to create lucrative sales-based franchises. And the best part is, the initial investment, overhead, etc. is only a fraction of what it costs to buy into a McDonalds or similar franchise. In fact, most sales-based franchises require no brick and mortar investments at all and can be operated from the comfort of your own home or a small office.

Franchising can be an ideal fit for qualified sales professionals and the companies they represent. The franchisee receives a recognized brand name, a proven and predictable business model, step by step training, and ongoing support from a home office with a vested interest in their success. The company in turn receives a motivated, sales-oriented entrepreneur with “skin in the game” to help build market share and expand their brand. For sales professionals that have always wanted to work for themselves but were confused about how to get started, this can be a win-win partnership.

How We Can Help

There are numerous franchise brands across a wide range of industries. Even with the sales-based model, there are several to choose from. As franchise consultants, we offer sales professionals the opportunity to quickly research and compare hundreds of Franchises Business Opportunities in a neutral, pressure free atmosphere. Our service allows you to analyze business models, royalties, size of territories and profit potential for all the companies that fit your passion, skills, and budget. Our consulting is free and unlimited, and if you find a company you want to partner with, we provide a formal introduction. There are never any additional fees to connect with a franchisor using our services.

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