Pet Care Franchises

Get into a Franchise Business Opportunity Where the Market is built on Love; Boarding, Grooming, Walking, Mobile Veterinary, and much more!


  • Invest as little as $21,000.
  • Utilize a business plan that has been tested and proven by hundreds of people before you.
  • Fear no recession — pet owners put their pets first!
  • Work with critters you love!
  • A true Lifestyle Business; great for work/life balance.
  • Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as going into business helping beloved pets and their caring owners and making a decent profit at the same time. Every one of the Pet Franchise opportunities we connect you with provides their owners with a plug-and-play system established by proven companies and proven again by a long list of entrepreneurs who have used the same system to attain success. These brands have been in operation for years, and they provide you with extensive training, support, marketing, and documentation. They can help you understand which markets, which location, and most importantly which owners — which may include you — will make a pet care franchise most successful.

The pet care industry has wide-ranging opportunities that can easily support six-figure investments from franchisees looking to open brick-and-mortar establishments — or lower-five-figure investments from folks looking to establish a lifestyle business that they can run from their home, on their schedule. From dog-walking to in-home medical pet care to high-end pet hotels, the opportunities are endless.

You will need the following to participate in most pet franchises:

  • At least $25,000 to invest in your new business ($95,000 for brick-and-mortar)
  • Enough operating capital to ensure you stay afloat until the predicted break-even point
  • Many franchises also have a minimum-net-worth requirement

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What Trinity Business Services Does

We connect you with the franchises that are most likely to succeed under your leadership. Our clients gain access to our massive database of franchises, including surface reviews and in-depth statistics. With our free, unlimited consulting services, you can compare total cash-to-start, royalties, franchising fees, business models, territories, previous success rates, profitability studies, and much more — without any high-pressure salespeople continually breathing down your neck. When you decide you are ready to get started, you let us know and we will provide you a direct connection and a formal introduction to the pet care franchisor of your choice. There are never any additional fees to connect with a franchisor through our franchise brokerage and consulting services.

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