Good Business Ideas for Young Adults

Young Adult Businesses What are some good business ideas for young adults who have little to no business experience/start-up capital, but wish to try their hand at business? Franchising is probably beyond your reach at the moment. However, there are a number of community-based businesses you could start with a low investment that could give you the capital necessary to branch out and build a bigger business. If you have a few thousand dollars saved up, that should be enough to get started with something that can give you invaluable entrepreneurial experience, and the chance to make a decent income in the process.

Here are five good business ideas for young adults that have a fairly low barrier to entry:

Car Washing/Detailing Business

Car washing is big business, and if you could become the premier car washing business in your community, you could eventually branch out into an automotive franchise or another related business. Cars are an integral component of American society, and everything that has to do with cars can be turned into a profitable business.

People need their cars washed efficiently (and for a low price) and this is one of those services that will always be in demand. If you could start a mobile car washing and/or detailing service or open up your own space where you can wash cars, you could gather enough money in your first several months to start growing and branching out. This is one of the most practical businesses for a young adult because it doesn’t require a lot of expertise – only hard work.

Delivery Business

If you have a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle, you can provide deliveries for everything from ice blocks to newspapers with your own delivery business (based on your community’ individual needs). Local delivery is a thriving business if you know how to take advantage of the unique needs of your community – especially if you know your way around your town and can deliver goods efficiently. You could even start a delivery business on your bicycle until you save enough money for a vehicle.

Computer Repair Business

If you’re a computer science or IT major, or you know a lot about fixing computers, you can start a computer repair service in your community. This is one of those services that is hard to outsource because people want their computers fixed immediately, and they often need someone to look at it in-person.  

The vast majority of American households now own a desktop or laptop computer, and the potential for business is nearly unlimited. You can also expand to retail by refurbishing old computers and reselling them on sites like eBay.

Pet Sitting Business

Pet sitting is a unique business model for young adults who know how to take care of pets and love spending time with animals. This business is popular in upscale communities where people can afford to pay for pet sitting while they’re on vacation. When well-off individuals people travel for business or leave for a vacation, they often hire a pet sitting service to take care of their pets. Services include walking, feeding and watching over animals. This is service is focused on a narrow “niche” market, but if you establish yourself among those you need this service, your business can quickly become profitable.

Tour Guide Business

If you have an extroverted personality and know your way around the historic sites in your city, you could start a tour/city guide business and offer tours to newcomers. Tours don’t have to be conservative, meaning they don’t always have to show the “standard” sites in your city – You could steal ideas from unique touring businesses such as the “Abandoned Warehouse” tours in Berlin, as long as you can find something interesting in your area that tourists would enjoy. City tours can bring in a lot of income, especially if you live in a large metropolitan area that attracts a lot of tourists.

These are just a few good business ideas for young adults to get their feet wet in the entrepreneurial world. If none of these fit your passion, there are countless other business opportunities out there. The important thing is to find something you enjoy doing, then see if there is a way to get other people to pay you to do it. If you have those two ingredients, chances are you have a viable business.


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