Claiming Your Own In-N-Out Burger Franchise

How cool would it be to be the master of your own Secret Menu? Owning an In-N-Out Burger is a red-blooded American’s dream come true. Can you imagine owning your own slice of the dream created by the youngest female billionaire in the U.S., 30-year-old owner Lynsi Torres? Thousands of people can taste it — inquiries into In-N-Out Franchises rain down on Google at the rate of over a hundred per day. In-N-Out is so popular that there’s even been a man arrested for selling fake In-N-Out franchise licenses!

What’s So Awesome About In-N-Out Burger?

Just about everything — they’re basically the Trader Joe’s of burger joints.

  • In-N-Out believes in sharing their success with their employees, having set a corporate standard minimum wage of $10.50 and a standard manager’s salary just reaching the six-figure mark. In a market that generally considers labor a cost to be cut rather than an asset to be nurtured, this has proven an advantage: they have the lowest turnover in the industry and their dramatically lower training and managerial costs reflect that.
  • They also believe that quality control starts at the most fundamental level, which is why In-N-Out has its own stable of butchers that carve and then grind the beef that goes into every one of their patties.
  • The infamous “secret menu” is a reflection of In-N-Out’s commitment to listening to their customer: every single item on that secret menu started as a customer favorite that became popular enough to go nationwide…shh!
  • Slow but unstoppable growth is the business plan: In-N-Out Burger refuses to open a burger joint unless it’s in a community that can definitely support it and is within 500 miles of one of their commissaries (the places where their buns and patties are expertly crafted) AND it already has a proven management team ready to break away from their current locations and go start the new location. In a world driven by next quarter’s profits at all costs, In-N-Out has maintained the same growth philosophy that they had back in the 60’s — which may be why you haven’t heard of them until fairly recently!

But That Doesn’t Sound Like a Business Plan for Franchisees

…sorry. It’s not — In-N-Out Burger has never and purportedly will never franchise out their brand. They believe too firmly in quality control and in sticking to their growth plan. But don’t let that get you down — In-N-Out may be out of bounds, but there are still dozens of similar, incredibly strong burger brands out there that would love to have you.

How do we know? That’s our job! We’re brokers — professionals in the art of matching an erstwhile franchisee with the franchise that can make their ambitions a reality. If you love In-N-Out Burger but you need something more than a job as a branch manager, fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page. We’ll give you a number of businesses that match the core philosophies, product line, and ambiance of In-N-Out, but will give you the opportunity to be the owner.

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