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Trinity Business Services provides valuable tools and resources to those interested in being in business for themselves. Whether you are just beginning your search for the perfect business or you are ready to move forward with a consultant, we are here to point you to the resources you need.

Owning a franchise is among the most rewarding ways to make a living. And today, there are far more opportunities to buy into a franchise than ever before. There are still the traditional Fast Food Franchises, with a few new flavors and a heavy focus on healthy foods. But there are also a number of up and coming industries; such as Senior Care, Children’s Services, Pet Care, Cleaning Services, and Business to Business (B2B) Sales just to name a few. Many of these models also qualify for the E2 Visa Program, allowing foreign investors the opportunity to move their families to America.

Franchising no longer requires a six figure investment to get started. There are several industries and business models where you can get started with a proven lucrative model for under $50K, and in some cases under $20K. For example, if you are a sales professional, there is currently an executive consulting franchise opportunity available in some states with an investment of less than $50K and a proven 30 year track record of success. In addition, about a quarter of the franchisees in this company earn in excess of $500K per year.

Using a Broker verses Working Directly with a Company

If you have your heart set on one particular company you want to franchise with, it might make sense to work directly with the company. Otherwise, there are many advantages to using a broker. First and foremost, franchise brokers have access to hundreds of different opportunities from among the top companies across a wide range of industries. Their knowledge and expertise on what is available saves you countless hours researching each company yourself.

We use a proprietary, pressure free process to provide you with as little or as much information as you are seeking. We only follow up with you if you ask us to, and we do not use high-pressure sales tactics to try and push you into a business you are not ready to invest in. We do, however, provide unlimited free phone and email consulting and a unique process that helps narrow down your choices and refine your opportunities based on your background, skills, passions and location.

Is the Franchise Fee Higher going through a Broker?

The short answer to this question is absolutely not, and here’s why. Whether you go through a franchise broker or the company’s franchise recruiting representative, the fees and commission are exactly the same. The main difference is the guidance you are given during the process. The company recruiting representative is captive to only one franchise opportunity, while the broker has access to hundreds. This allows the broker to give you an unbiased assessment based only on your interests and passions, rather than a “sales pitch” about the merits of one particular company.

Feel free to browse our site for more information and resources, and if you are ready to get started pursing your ideal franchise opportunity, you may Contact us by filling out the form on this page or by calling 651-202-8636.

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